Sansoucci Palace Disrupted the Wind Velocity and At the End Germans won the real Economic War

Next day early morning I took the train from Berlin Nordbahnhof towards Potsdam Hauptbahnhof which took me around one and half hour to reach there. At the entrance of Sansoucci palace a giant wind mill made of wood welcomes you. Built in 1738 this mechanism used to convert wind energy into mechanical energy to grind… Read More »

Reichstag Building: Did Hitler Burn it down deliberately in 1933? And make sure you Physically touch the Pillar of Brandenburg Gate

The iconic 1200 feet of television tower is visible from the Berlin cathedral. The tower was built by the Russians in the 60s to show their power over west. Because the communists were non-believer of God they got rid of all the crosses of Jesus Christ from the German church. This act of atheism did… Read More »