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Make Sure you Validate your Ticket in Budapest Metro. The Ticket inspector will show no Mercy. A Brutal way to earn money from the Tourists.

Historically Budapest was one of the strongest cities in Europe. Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire now nothing else but a tiny country in central Europe. Unlike France, Germany and the UK, Hungary is not a rich country. From 1867 until 1918 Hungary was the powerhouse of European politics. The strong economy and military power… Read More »

How it all Started. A Brief Personal Story

I was born in Bangladesh in the mid 80s. Back then there was no facebook, no YouTube or Twitter. We had to totally rely on Bangladesh Television (BTV) for entertainment. Ittadi was one of the most popular TV magazine shows back then. The host Hanif Shanket used to telecast varieties of program in the show.… Read More »