Beware of Playing Shell Game. The Scumbags will steal your hard earned Money

By | October 24, 2017
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There are quite lot of historic places to discover in Berlin. Among those most prominent one are Berlin cathedral, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag or the German Parliament, Hitler’s Bunker, Mauerpark Berlin Wall and checkpoint Charlie. This morning I am going to try covering most of the places. Tomorrow I will be travelling to Sanssouci Palace which is situated outskirt of Berlin.

The metro or the underground are called “U-Bahn” and upper ground metro or the tram service are called “S-Bahn” in Germany. This morning I took the U-Bahn from my friend’s place and travelled to Potsdamer Platz station. Outside the station turned on the right to see the German Cathedral. While walking I noticed the traffic sign for pedestrian crossing. It was very unique in design like a very short man with a hat who is called “Ampelman”. Soviets introduced Ampelman mainly in the 50s. Though, the Soviets left in the 90s, because of the iconic design of the sign the German government continue to adapt the sign. Meanwhile, Berlin cathedral was only 10 minutes of walk from the station. This protestant church is situated besides the Spree River. It was built by the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm on 1905. During the Second World War the church was heavily bombed and destroyed by the Russians. Later the communist Soviets gave less concentration on carrying out the reconstruction work again. Historically Russians are Catholic Christian therefore reconstructing Protestant church would be nothing but irony for them. In 1993 German government took the necessary steps and brought back it’s historic look.

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After seeing the church I went towards the bridge, suddenly I saw a group of three to two people started to play shell game on the bridge. Previously I have noticed this sort of game in many parts of the world and as always I knew straight away they are doing a scam business on the road. From their look, they looked like Romanian or Bulgarian gypsy to me. I stranded for a moment to notice their scam business. Shell game basically a game where one ball is kept hidden in any of the three boxes. The dealer shuffles the boxes and the bidder have to choose the right box in order to win the bet. From a descent point of view they game seems to be very easy and an amazing opportunity to win easy cash. But this is not the case. The dealer always keeps three to four people in his crowd and they bet in the game and win each cash. This group of people work in a team and play the role of convincers. Basically they never play for real instead they act to play. The other people think they are winning the bet so it must be an easy way to win money. But be careful, as soon you enter the group they will start doing their nasty business. The dealer is an expert of hiding the ball in the wrong box and you will never win the game. Even though you choose the right box he will steal the ball in a blink of eye that you will never realise. Those group of three to four people also work like a muscle power. If you realise they are cheating they will become very abusive and sometimes even physical against you. There are a lot of videos on YouTube regarding shell game. You can watch those videos to understand how creepy this sort of people are actually. They shouldn’t be allowed on the road rather needs to be kept in the jail. But funny thing is they are freely moving and literally stealing people’s money.

I was standing right beside them and they noticed I started to take pictures. The dealer was calling me to bet and I said no for obvious reason. Those group of men started to block me so that I cannot their pictures. They even were saying not to take pictures. But that made me more arrogant to take their pictures because they have no right what picture should I take or not and moreover they are conducting illegal stuff on the road so they have no right to stop me. I ignored them and continued flashing my camera. Personally, I hate this sort of people so much because rather than doing something useful with their life instead they are cheating descent people on the road. I also had bad experience with this gypsy before. They tried to steal my wallet in France. This is why these sort of gypsy people have bad name in Europe. Because of their bad behaviour nobody gives them job. They either steal or scam people. So never ever bet on the road you will gain nothing but lose your hard earned cash. Be careful, be smart and enjoy your holiday. Remember if something looks very lucrative and easy to win, perhaps it is good to be true but never fall in a trap.

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