Hitler’s Bunker is a Car Park Now & Berlin Wall is Pile of Rubble

By | October 26, 2017
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The Second World War has ended more than 70 years ago but the nightmare of Hitler’s vandalism quiet remains today. Nobody talks about Hitler in public place but it feels like he is still alive. It is band giving Nazi salute in public place so as dressing up as Nazi, carrying sign of swastika or even keeping moustache like Hitler. If anyone is caught doing these sort of anti-social behaviours they will be seriously prosecuted. The actual bunker of Hitler used to be beneath the Reichstag. It was a massive complex underneath the ground with heavily fortified. I wanted to see the actual bunker itself but unfortunately there nothing remains. When the soviets captured Berlin they put tonnes of bombs to destroy the whole bunker. I asked a security guard near Reichstag about the bunker. He couldn’t tell me exactly but he informed me the entrance of the bunker is around two hundred yards away from the parliament. But there is nothing but a car park. When I went there only a sign was pointed to show the actual underground map of the remaining.

During the cold war era Russians built some houses surrounding the area. While leaving the place I also discovered some memorials remembering the holocaust. There were horrible pictures of the brutality conducted against the Jewish people by Nazi. This act of heinous crime cannot be forgotten for centuries.

On the next day I took the U-Bahn towards Mauerpark to see the remaining of the Berlin wall. Though the actual wall was broken down but in few parts of Berlin some of the section has been preserved as part of the history.

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Berlin wall was the biggest incident in modern day’s European politics. It was the actual physical border between the eastern and western front. Creating one border inside a same country was the rarest incident in the human story. Before the 1961 the West Berliner could travel to the East Berlin by having special pass from the soviet authority. Similarly, the citizens of Eastern Berliner could travel to the West Berlin. The citizens of East Berlin lost hope of living under the socialist regime because of the suppression of the soviet government at the East. The lack of job in the east created poverty which forced Eastern citizens to leave to the West. Unlike East Berlin, the people could travel freely anywhere in the world from the West Berlin. The Russian spread the propaganda that they built the wall to protect the citizens of East Berlin against the western fascist government. Besides everybody knew it was untrue. Because the unemployment was high in the east and no necessary steps were taken to develop the infrastructure of the East Germany. Meanwhile, the German citizen never accepted the idea of socialism in the first place. The communist idea from the Russians was nothing but a feeble form of oppression over them.

This made the situation much worse as the population of East was decreasing drastically. Thus the soviet government was losing potential labour due to this mass migration. Meanwhile, the soviet felt threatened thus paranoid from the Western government as they thought the capitalist Westerners are committing conspiracy against the communist block at the east to defeat the communist regime. Which was the actual reason of the start of cold war. The Russians couldn’t wait much longer and on the 13th of August, 1961 the Soviet government literally built the wall in the eastern part of Berlin overnight without giving any further notice. When the Eastern Berliners woke up in the next morning they noticed a 12 feet of tall wall went through their very own town. The neighbour in the same town became citizens of two different countries overnight. Wife detached from her husband, children from their father, relations was torn apart. Until yesterday they used to be citizen of same country, whereas today they are citizen of two different countries with different political belief. The citizens of East Berlin thought the wall was temporary at the beginning. But as the days progressed the wall became stiffer to the stiffest. The citizens never thought they will lose their freedom of movement for next 30 years. Note, the West Berlin was actually on the Eastern part of Germany. After building the wall surrounding the Eastern Berlin, the West Berlin physically became an island territory within a country. There were 300 watch tower surrounding the wall. Russians armed soldiers used to guard 24/7 to stop people crossing the wall. They kept careful eyes and if necessary they even had the right to shoot anyone suspicious around the wall. Soon they built two lines of in parallel in which one internal wall facing the West Berlin and along the same line another external wall facing the East Berlin. In between the walls there was no mans land. They placed mines, barbwire, dig massive holes and anti-tank obstacles. The desperate approach created by the Soviets surprised not only the Berliner but also the whole world.

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