Hungary: Once Upon A Time. The Hungarian will Show Fake Arrogance for loosing so many wars.

By | October 17, 2017
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Hungary: Once Upon A Time

The name “Hungary” doesn’t really make people hungry. They name of the country might be weird in English but those who don’t know once upon a time it was famous for making durable Nokia phone. Anyway, I am interested to talk about Nokia then lets about Hungary.

Hungary is a land locked country in central Europe. There seven countries that surrounds Hungary. The capital city is called “Budapest” which is actually consists of two city, one “Buda” and another “Pest”, the national language is “Hungarian”, which nobody speaks apart from the Hungarian Magyars and the currency is called “Florint” which has the most awkward form of denominations. Nearly 84% of the population are Hungarian, rest are Roma, German and others. In 2004 it became part of the European Union. Interesting their national language is one of the most difficult language in the world and more interestingly it is a non-indo European language. Means their language has no similarity from the surrounding seven other neighbour countries in the Europe. This is because the Magyars (Hungarian) originally came from the central Europe. There is saying the mythical bird name “Turul” was carrying a sword from the central Asia. The Magyars were following the shadow of Turul while in 896 it dropped her sword besides the Danube River. Magyars decided to establish their capital here and called the place Budapest, the Hungary was born. Later they mixed with many European nation and later formed the modern Hungary. So the last one thousands of the Magyars history is full of turbulence.

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Hungarian people do not really speak in English neither they prefer to communicate in English. If you ask them something in English they will response you in their own version of English which may sounds like Gibberish. So it might get tougher for the English speaking nations. On the other hand knowing German is sort of an advantage in Hungary. Though I am not surprised why do they prioritise German over English? Because historically Hungarian are the German sympathiser. It was because of the English and their allies, Hungary lost their prominent Austro-Hungarian empire. So naturally they would not give a friendly look to the English speaking nation. I realised their weird attitude very well. While asking something they gave the look which looked like I came to ask for their money. They had pale boring face. I have never seen people’s face so boring. Honestly, Hungarian people may be the most boring people on this planet. Sorry to say but they are seriously so boring. Their annoying boring face made be disturbed too. I have seen this sort of irritating behaviour in Belgium and Switzerland before. So seeing the same sort of behaviour was reminding me the faces of those funny people. Meanwhile, I am only a tourist here, they should be nice with the tourists but they weren’t. If it was in our country it could have been a different scenario. We the Bangladeshi always welcome the tourists in our country. Perhaps we fight with each other but when a foreigner walks on our street we treat them like our own guest and try to be friendly. Arguably we could be the most hospitable nation on earth.

Now this is apparent that my first impression while coming to Hungary wasn’t a delicate experience. I was travelling to Budapest from Ljubljana in a train. It’s around 4 hours of journey. The sitting arrangement was compartment type. It wasn’t so amazing but descent. Naturally, I enjoy the travelling as long as the scenario outside is scenic and there is no other unexpected trouble. In the Slovenian side the natural beauty was pretty. There were green forest, lakes, mountains and beautiful looking Slovenian houses. As soon as the train left Slovenia and entered the Hungary the whole land became so flat. There were miles after miles of absolute nothingness. This scenario made be tired, bored and at the end sleepy. The train stopped after 2 hours in an unknown station. I was looking at the platform and suddenly I saw two Hungarian police officers from a distant noticed me. As soon as they saw me, I realised they are boarding the railway. I had no doubt they are coming to verify my papers. I was right. In few minutes those two officers came inside my compartment and were asking for my passport. I took out my passport and handed to them. Obviously they had no reason to stop me travelling therefore after verifying they just left. In the current time we cannot really blame them for this sort of awkward scenario. Few months ago so many refugees from Syria crossed the same route and tried to go towards Western European countries. Many were caught from this region. In this kind of situation you have no choice but to cooperate with them. If you resist or argue that means you are calling your own trouble.

Anyway after all of those hassle I reached to the capital city Budapest safely. It was time for me to find my hotel now. Before coming here I studied the underground train route to my hotel. So spotting the direction wasn’t very difficult. After reaching the hotel it was time to eat well and relax. It was enough journey for today. It’s time for me to switch off the light and sleep. Tomorrow I am discovering Budapest.

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