It’s Time to Loose Our Boat in Lake Bled. Do not forget to Try the Slovenian Cheese

By | October 16, 2017
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Andrew adjusted our boats heading towards the bled island. Slowly but safely we reached at the island. As both of us were boarding off the boat I took the privilege to tie the chain knot at the dockyard. We started to climb the stairs to see the church on top of the island. When we reached to the church we were told that there is a renovation work is being conducted in the church therefore it was closed. So instead of going inside we went to the adjacent restaurant to have some cake and coffee. The waiter in the restaurant was only person serving in that island. So apart from me, Andrew and the Water there was no one present in that island. The whole island therefore belonged to us and the full appreciation goes to the labour strike. The waiter told normally he comes to work by the Pletna but because today the strike going he came by his own rowing boat.

After spending sometimes we decided to head back to the mainland. We started to follow down the stairs and this is when I realised the intensity of the incident. Until now Andrew didn’t even realise the depth of the situation because he was looking at another boat which belonged to the waiter from the restaurant. By now I spotted where our boat was. It was in the middle of the lake. I told Andrew quietly dude we got a situation. He didn’t even realise what I meant by that so I said again dude our boat isn’t in the dockyard anymore in contrast our boat is now enjoying its freedom at the middle of the lake. I pointed him our boat and instead of getting scared both of us were laughing like hell. Andrew trusted me with the chain knot but it didn’t work out that way.

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Anyway it’s time to rescue our boat. We thought to go back to the restaurant and asked that waiter to borrow his boat for the rescue mission. We were just going back to climb the stairs, we saw one guy is coming towards the island. As he was going to chain his boat we ran to him and explained the situation. When he saw our boat floating around the middle of the lake, the whole situation did entertain him a lot. It turned out this person was from Australia and he was very kind to let us to borrow his boat. When he was handing over his boat he said he only got one life jacket though. I could not realise whose face I saw this morning while I was waking up as the whole scenario is turning against me. Rather than over thinking too much I and Andrew started our rescue mission. This time I started to row and slowly we reached to our boat. Instead of rowing Andrew decided to fulfil the role of a photographer. He started to take picture of our empty which was floating in middle of the lake in order to keep evidence of this accident. In case in future while telling this crazy story he can show the picture. At first we planned any one of us will jump to our boat but nobody of us were ready to show that courage. Instead, Andrew grabbed the chain and then we started to pull our boat back to the Bled Island to return the Aussie guy’s boat. As we were dragging an empty boat behind us, I noticed few people were laughing at us from the mainland. Perhaps they realised what the hell these two clowns are doing, are they drunk or something. When we reached to the Bled Island this time Andrew took the chance to tie the chain knot properly because nobody of us wanted to let the same scenario happen for the Aussie guy. The whole scenario was so crazy that we couldn’t stop laughing. At last we reached the mainland safely in our own boat and headed back to Ljubljana while eating some French cheese. No wonder me and Andrew will be good friend for a long time coming. It was great adventurous day.

This is the fun of travelling in the world. You never know what will happen next as the life is so random. But sometimes a tiny short time memory becomes a long term memory in our life. Enjoy travelling. Next stop, “Hungary”.

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