Let’s Go To Slovenia. The birthplace of Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump

By | October 12, 2017
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Slovenia is a tiny country in the Eastern Europe. Almost 83% of the total population are Slovene in ethnicity who speak Slovene as their primary language. The rest are mainly Bosnian, Croats and Serbian people. Slovenes are Slavic nation. Interesting fact is all the Slavic nations have white, red and blue colour in their national flag. Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech-Republic, Serbia and Russia they are all Slavic nation. Another interesting fact is, Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump is a Slovenian.

Slovenia is surrounded by Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary and Austria. They are mainly Catholic Christians in religion. They were part of the mighty Roman Empire. In middle ages, it became part of the Hapsburg dynasty which was a prominent European power at the central Europe until the First World War. In 1918 when the First World War ended, Slovenia together with Serbia and Croatia formed Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In the period of Second World War (1939-1945), Slovenia was part of Nazi Germany. After the end of war it became part of the Federal Yugoslavia. After the fall of Yugoslavia, in 1991 Slovenia became an independent country. In 2004, it became part of the European Union and Schengen State.

The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. On 2016 I travelled to Ljubljana in a beautiful shiny Slovenian train from a small town in the north-west of Italian peninsula called Trieste. Trieste is the last city of Italy from where the Slovenian border is 7 kilometre in distance. Villa Opicina was the name of the train station in Trieste. Ljubljana is situated 100 kilometre far away from here. I reached to Trieste early morning from the city of Venice. Though the journey from Venice to Trieste wasn’t a straight forward one. I had to take a train, bus and lastly a tram to arrive in Villa Opicina. I could have flown to Ljubljana from Venice but instead I attempted to make this indirect journey intentionally just to enjoy the pleasure of an adventure.

The journey from Venice to Villa Opicina was scenic. When I finally reached to the station I realised the next train to Ljubljana was after 2 hours. It provided me an extra opportunity to discover the town of Trieste. On the first impression the town was very calm and clean. Most of the natives were very senior at age. This is common scenario in many small European towns. The younger generation lives to the city for earning their livings whereas the elder pensioners stay in small inner cities.

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There was not too much going on in the town. Meanwhile, I felt seriously hungry as didn’t have the time to have breakfast this morning in Venice. There was not too many good restaurants where I could find a decent meal. Right in a corner there was a pastry shop. Apart from few cakes and coffee they hardly had anything. Anyway, my leg decided not to run anymore to walk for better option so I ordered a cup of coffee and a cheese cake. Not so healthy breakfast I would say. There was wifi in the restaurant. I started to surfing on web and decided to rest here until the Slovenian train arrives. It was apparent most of the customer inside the restaurants were local and they all knew each other. After a good rest it was time to go ahead to the train station.

The train arrived on time at the platform. It was a modern Slovenian train. Personally, I always enjoy the train ride. There are so many people around the world who makes train journey just for fun. I could be one of them because there was so many time in my journey, I decided to travel in train rather than buying a train ticket. In Europe sometimes buying a train ticket is more expensive than flying in a plane. But that didn’t stop me of making train journey. You can sit, relax, stretch your leg and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding.

Consequently, the train departed towards Ljubljana. It’s less than 2 hours journey from here. Within 10 to 12 minutes we crossed the Italian border and entered Slovenia. There was no border check or police patrol. In European Schengen countries the meaning of freedom is strongly evident. People enjoy their freedom in daily basis. They consider their freedom as granted but appreciate at the same time. They have diluted the border between countries to become one nation, the one European nation full of cultural heritage. This is the true meaning of civilized world where people respect the autonomy of each other but still function as common society with free trade. They show respect to other nation’s culture, honour their independence, present love, affection and dignity regardless their race, origin, sexual orientation, faith and belief.

Officially, I am inside the Eastern Europe now. The change in the design and architect of the house was apparent. The Slovenian language was also unique. The roads were very clean and shiny. The train was cascading through the forest and beautiful mountains very quietly. The weather today was shiny and dry too. I could hardly spot any cloud on the sky. The temperature was perfect because now it’s May, the perfect time to travel around Europe. The total feelings were very relaxing and refreshing. I was feeling that I am far away from home. I couldn’t close my eyes for a single moment because to me closing my eye will be the waste of time to enjoy this beautiful moment. It was one of those journey when you feel like never to end this journey. Ljubljana is getting closer. It was time to discover Ljubljana.

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