Ljubljana: Cleanest City in Europe. If you don’t want to Loose your way, always follow a river

By | October 13, 2017
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Ljubljana is the biggest city in the Europe. Like all the major cities in the world, Ljubljana was also built on the bank of Ljubjanica River. The origin of the name “Ljubljana” and “Ljubjanica” is traced back to middle age from the German name “Laibach”. Similarly, this was called “Labacum” in Latin. In Slavic language “Ljub” means “Love” in English. Later the scholars of Slovenia resembled all the historical words and decided to have the name as Ljubljana. Therefore, the city name features as the “flow of love”. After 1991, Ljubljana became the major centre of art, culture, politics and the economic power house of Slovenia after the fall of Soviet Union.

It was around 5pm when I reached to Ljubljana. Whole day I didn’t eat anything apart from those cake from Trieste. I decided to go to the hotel first, get fresh and then eat something. My hotel was 2.5 km away from the train station. I can make it there by walking. Personally, I love to walk rather than taking public transport. Most of the time I avoid taking taxi or bus and prefer to walk. As long as I have a bottle of water I can walk long distance. I already printed a map from train station to the hotel. So it wasn’t difficult for me to locate my hotel. As soon as I started to walk the first impression about Ljubljana was the town felt like one of those German cities. Very shiny, neat and clean. There was not a single piece of litter on the road and traffic was much organised. It wasn’t a crowd city like most of the other western European capital cities.

It took me around 45 minutes to reach at the designated hotel. As I reached the receptionist came to greet me. He informed me very politely that the water connection of this hotel has broken and there is no supply of water at the moment. So they have shifted all the guests to one of their hotel which is closer to the train station. I was bit frustrated as I have just walked from the station just now to get here. If I would have known it before I could have reached there easily. He also informed me they tried to contact me on my mobile but because I kept the mobile off to save the charges so they couldn’t reach me anyhow. To eradicate my frustration the receptionist said he has his personal pickup van in which he can give me a lift to drop me off there. It was a kind offer from his side. I went to his van and while in his van he introduced himself. He was a very polite middle aged man originally from Ukraine. He suggested me all the touristic places around Ljubljana and Slovenia. He is the one who notified me Ljubljana was announced the greenest, cleanest and the safest city in Europe in 2016. So now it makes sense why I felt the same.

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It didn’t take us long to arrive in the hotel. There was little Chinese restaurant right beside the hotel. That made me really happy as by now I was hungry like hell. After having a very late lunch I decided to look around the city. It was becoming darker so I decided not to go far besides it was a long journey today so before going to the bed early it wasn’t a bad idea to look around the surroundings quickly. Ljubjanica River was flowing right beside the hotel where I was staying. At this point getting lost in the city would be the last thing desired. So following the river would be the safest choice to make.

The road following the river was very narrow with full of green trees. Though, the perception of a river in the Europe is different from Bangladesh. Here the rivers are much tamed. The destructive power of a river is absent. In Bangladesh the abrasive flow of river water is gigantic. The forces of water destroys river banks and thus changes the fortune of people. In Europe it is the opposite. They have conquered the rivers with roads, bridges and dam. Anyway, while walking I noticed some people were just giving me quick glance. Perhaps they realised I am a tourist here and most importantly I could tell they don’t see brown skin colour quite often. Luckily I am very good at reading the meaning of people’s look. Travelling around the world has given me a diverse experience. Interestingly their look wasn’t offensive rather naive. Until now Slovenia has been giving me a sweet impression. The people here are very polite and warm in heart. They have already showed me the kindness and friendliness of their behaviour. Nevertheless, there weren’t too many people on the road. There were some people jogging, some were cycling and some were just walking like me. I didn’t spend too much time on the road. Now it’s time to go back to the hotel, relax and sleep. Tomorrow will be the day to discover city of Ljubljana.

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