Make Sure you Validate your Ticket in Budapest Metro. The Ticket inspector will show no Mercy. A Brutal way to earn money from the Tourists.

By | October 18, 2017
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Historically Budapest was one of the strongest cities in Europe. Once part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire now nothing else but a tiny country in central Europe. Unlike France, Germany and the UK, Hungary is not a rich country. From 1867 until 1918 Hungary was the powerhouse of European politics. The strong economy and military power lasted for generations. But in 1918 after the end of First World War, British allies bombarded Hungary to bring the nation on it’s knees. In Second World War Hungary again allied with the Nazi Germany. So the consequence again didn’t end up happily after the fall of Hitler’s Germany. Historically, they have lost so many wars that having a big arrogance on their face is nothing but irony. If it was the Germans, French or the English then I would have understood but Hungarian? And the Arrogance? Why? Arrogance for loosing wars? This was funny for me. Even who speaks Hungarian language apart from in Hungary? No one. So they should have been bit more generous towards using English language but unfortunately they weren’t. They have nothing to show arrogance and being grumpy. Moreover their funny grumpy face made me to laugh at them. Being grumpy for loosing so many of wars, so funny.

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Conventionally there was no use of English language in Budapest underground metro. All the announcement was in Hungarian language was complete gibberish to me. Hence for the purpose of finding and getting off to the right station was my own responsibility. I had to read maps constantly and match the name of the station against my reference to be extra cautious. This morning I woke up early and was planning to have my breakfast in the city centre. I bought the metro ticket from the station and as soon as I was buying the ticket I noticed that the train has already arrived on the platform. I didn’t even realise that I would have to punch my ticket before I board in. In London you will never have to punch in order to validate your ticket before board in because there is automated door where you just insert your ticket and the door automatically opens. there is nothing manual. In Budapest you will have to manually punch in the ticket. I have seen this sort of manual function in other parts of the European cities so I wasn’t really unfamiliar with the process. But in a rush I totally forgot about it. Well, when I got off from the train I thought I will avoid the hassle of ticket checking and that was the biggest mistake to make. When I was heading towards the exit door I noticed two ticket inspectors are standing beside the door. I also noticed from the distant they are only standing there but not really checking people’s ticket. I was feeling slightly relieved but as soon as I reached there the ticket checker came to me and asked me why my ticket wasn’t validated. They do know it is the tourists who make this sort of mistakes so it’s a good money making process for the train companies by fining them. I explained him the situation but he wasn’t going to listen me. From my experience I have if you would have done this sort of mistake in London, the ticket inspector won’t be happy in the first place. If you can politely explain the situation they would sometimes forgive you and let you go.  Sometimes instead of fining people they just tell the passenger to buy a new ticket and then leave. It is nice gentle British way. But these Hungarian didn’t turn out to be really gentle. Instead they were arrogant and rude and forced to fine me. I was so angry that now I lost my temper as well. I started asking the guy, so this is how you welcome the tourist in your country, right? This time the clown stopped English to me which made me further angry. I started saying him, hello, can you not speak English? I am asking you a question. He forced to pay equivalent to 30 euro and then gave me the receipt. I was so angry that I tore apart the ticket in front of him and threw it in front of his knees and left with very angry face. Because I was determined because you are nice to me so I won’t have to be nice with you either and because you taking my money by showing silly rules, I was also determined to give him a hard time. Anyway, I had no choice but to pay the fine. By this time I am well annoyed after coming this country. This is not going to be pleasant journey and perhaps one of the worst travel experience in my life. Hungary is going to my list “not coming back list”. Perhaps I was the only unlucky person. It could be a different experience for other people. So the perception of the experience may change.

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