Make Travel Your Hobby. You do not require lots of Money to become a good World Traveler

By | October 11, 2017
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Who doesn’t want to be an extreme traveler? Yes, you need the energy, the will power and overall the money. So, is that all? I don’t think so. Travelling around the world not always rely on how much money you have in your bank. How heavy is your wallet that your trouser is falling off. Lol. But let’s be serious for a second. You need the strong mind set up, your body should be full of energy, and your blood circulation should be always energetic.

Roaming around the world is refreshing, enjoyable and gives you the opportunity to find happiness. You learn about new culture on daily basis, you learn about new culture, different perception and people’s believe. This opens a new door to view your own from other people’s prospective. Your knowledge grows, you become descent and naive about your own sufferings. You heart opens towards less fortunate people that provides you fresh motivation to get rid of your narrow thinking and selfish attitude. You can appreciate about your achievements and privileged life. The enjoyment of heart accelerates the process of reducing the attitude of your internal arrogance. The context of finding happiness from travelling cannot be justified by money.

The hobby of travelling cannot be shackled in one boundary. Based on people’s expectations some enjoys to travel in their own motherland. On the other hand, some extends their roaming behaviour into another country. In both ways, human mind not necessarily behaves in the same way regardless about the location. Different culture, different look of people, different faith, belief and language creates an obsession inside your feelings to discover new things.

In the world of globalization and the revolution to our social networking communication system, nobody can live without the touch of outside world. Though, the location of our birth is impossible to control but to visit the whole wide world rely on your absolute interest. The boundaries of our regular life ties us into the complex system of our family duties. Therefore, finding the appropriate time slot for journey is not always easy. So, whatever the reason of boundaries is, if the mind is able to drive our will power then becoming a temporary vagabond is always enjoyable.

Some people may think, is it possible to travel around the world on our own. Perhaps a bold heart is necessary. A strong decision to make. However, finding similar sort of sole travellers is not impossible. Naturally, lonely journey motivates to talk with strangers more. Hence, if you can talk and like to meet with new people then finding a good friend is a piece of cake. While, making sole travel you may meet random people on road who are making similar sort of lonely travelling.

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Travelling around the Europe is not always cheap. Especially, the western European countries are very expensive. In contrast, the eastern European countries are more economical.  Likewise, it’s not always difficult to find the cheapest way travel. You should use the public transport instead of calling taxi all the time. You can find cheap hostels or dormitory to stay overnight. These sort of tips may save significant amount of your money and instead you could buy an extra train or airline ticket to travel another different place. Food is an essential part of holidays. My personal believe always reflect upon having good food from different places. Because, I strongly believe spending money on good food is never a waste of money. It’s a basic enjoyment of our life. Particularly, when you have the opportunity of having authentic food from the local area, you should not ignore the chance of bite to eat. Saving money from buying expensive food can be considered sometimes but not often. Nevertheless, how you will spend money during your journey is absolutely matter of your own choice. Some may enjoy staying at expensive hotel and relax on the other hand some may prefer to save money and instead would like to discover new places.

Human mind is strange. We need inspiration, motivation and self-esteem to lead a harmonious life. Even though nature has evolved us as Homo sapiens but the appearance of human race is not same everywhere. This is because the trajectory of the sun rays varies along the circumference of the planet earth. This trajectory of rays determine how strong the sun rays in particular areas. The heat from sun rays changes the surrounding environment thus natural habitat of life. The natural habitat also rely on the presence of vegetation, water and minerals. These sort of variables change the human appearance from place to place. When you perceive different culture and values your level of perception enlarges, your knowledge extends and your perception level broadens to beyond. No matter what happens with your small life, you must consider to take an attempt to see the world in one bag pack. You could see the world from other people’s point of view.

In this blog, I am going to share my travelling experience around the Europe. Personally, I have travelled most of the European countries before I turned 30 years of old. My travelling process never started in one day. It started from my childhood. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. I have always dreamt of seeing the European cultures and to learn about western civilization. So, I had the opportunity, it didn’t waste a moment. So let’s being with how it all started.

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