Reichstag Building: Did Hitler Burn it down deliberately in 1933? And make sure you Physically touch the Pillar of Brandenburg Gate

By | October 25, 2017
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The iconic 1200 feet of television tower is visible from the Berlin cathedral. The tower was built by the Russians in the 60s to show their power over west. Because the communists were non-believer of God they got rid of all the crosses of Jesus Christ from the German church. This act of atheism did hurt some traditional religious Germans. When the tower was built the sun used to reflect on the spherical glass dome and a form of cross used to appear looking over the eastern Germany. It was nothing but an optical illusion but people sarcastically described it as revenge of the Pope.

I turned around and started walking towards the Brandenburg gate. This is an iconic landmark of Berlin or rather Germany. Paris has Eiffel tower, London has Big Bang tower, New York has Statue of Liberty similarly Berlin has Brandenburg gate. In 1788 Fredric William the second built this structure as a symbol of peace. The goddess of peace is placed on top of the wall resemble the sign of equality, peace and harmony. It reminds the proud history of the Prussian empire. The modern Germany became into existence in 1871. During the war this gate was almost destroyed. In the cold war period, Berlin wall existed right behind this gate. The surrounding area wasn’t accessible for the general public. In 1989 when the Soviet Union collapsed Brandenburg gate was opened for the mass people. In year 2000 the German government organised the refurbishment work of the wall. In modern time, Brandenburg gate is the symbol of peace in whole Europe.

As soon as I came to the gate I noticed a massive group of Middle Eastern people are protesting against the war in Syria. In recent years huge number of refugees flew their motherland and came to Germany. German government was very generous towards those refugees. This act of generosity has created mixture of feelings to the European citizens. It has impacted the European politics deeply and the wind of radical behaviour against the immigrants has spread around the world. While walking I was taking videos of the procession. Some of the protestors came in front of my camera and was shouting their slogans. I also noticed Police are keeping a careful eye to the situation. I don’t know why but I was having a bad feeling to stay here further.

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I started walking through the Brandenburg gate to touch the stones physically. I don’t know why I did that but I just wanted to feel this historic symbol. When I was in Pairs, I did the same thing by touching the steel of Eiffel tower. The Reichstag or German parliament was behind the gate. In 1894 the Reichstag was built and used for the purpose of parliament building until 1933 when mysteriously this building was caught on fire. Hitler blamed the left wing communists for this fire. This sort of heinous act attacked the heart of the German citizen. Hitler spread the propaganda that the left wing communist wants to destroy the German democracy. It was unknown whether Hitler himself torched the fire deliberately and pushed the blame against the communist. Although this incident helped to gain more popularity for the Nazi party. When Hitler’s Nazi party came to power in 1933, Reichstag was again used as a parliament building. During the war Hitler’s bunker was right below this building. In 1945, when the Russian red army attacked Berlin, Stalin ordered his soldier to capture the parliament building by any means. This was because capturing this would be symbolic to end of the war. On the other hand whoever captures it first they will dominate the future control of Germany. Similarly, the British and American allies were also heading towards Berlin. Hitler gave his soldiers direct order to fight until their last bullet. Any sort of surrender will be considered as an act of coward and they will be immediately executed. In 1945 on 30th April, loyal German soldiers fought on the roof of Reichstag but it didn’t save them. As a matter of fact Russians were able to capture the building. It was the end of Second World War. The dome of the building collapsed as a result of tremendous bombardment in the adjacent area. In the Soviet period, the government conducted little known work to reconstruct the building. It became a ghost place with nothing but pile of rubble. When the soviets left after 1989 the German government heavily reconstructed the parliament building. They wrote “To the German People” on top of the front wall which is the slogan of modern day German democracy. The dome was rebuilt out of glass and spiral stars were placed along to emphasise the people to climb and look below the parliament. This also had a symbolic meaning that German democracy is transparent like glass among it’s citizen. Anybody can walk on the glass dome and look the parliament housing beneath their feet. The entry inside the parliament building is free but an online booking is needed at the day before the visit. I didn’t know that so I am not going inside the Reichstag dome. Until then I can only look the people inside the dome from a distant.

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