Sansoucci Palace Disrupted the Wind Velocity and At the End Germans won the real Economic War

By | October 29, 2017
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Next day early morning I took the train from Berlin Nordbahnhof towards Potsdam Hauptbahnhof which took me around one and half hour to reach there. At the entrance of Sansoucci palace a giant wind mill made of wood welcomes you. Built in 1738 this mechanism used to convert wind energy into mechanical energy to grind crop seeds. This wind mill was built here even before the palace. Prussian emperor Fredrick the great built the palace in 1747. The working mechanism of the windmill was hampered due to the presence of the palace on the pathway of the wind direction and velocity. Due to this the owner of the mill carried on legal fight against the emperor. The judiciary quarrel lasted for a long time. At the end of the dispute the emperor had to pay the mill owner compensation.

As soon as I entered the palace it felt like the palace of Versailles from France. It turned out to be true as Fredrick the great order his architect to build him a palace similar to Versailles palace in design. Moreover, the word “Sansoucci” is French which mean “beyond worries”. Fredrick built this palace to relax at country side on summer time in order to escape the political hassle and noise from the city. Fredrick was obsessed with gardening therefore he ordered his architect to build him a one storey palace with a massive garden view at the front so that he could walk away straight to his garden. He used to cultivate diverse species of fruits in his garden such as pineapple, strawberry and grapes. Unlike other palaces in Europe Sansoucci palace wasn’t really luxurious. Fredrick believed Prussian Emperor should live a descent life without any obsession of luxury. There were only 12 rooms in the palace in which each room had a unique design in distinction. The graveyard of Fredrick was besides the palace.

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After discovering for a while and walking through the garden it was time to go back Berlin. I took the bus to reach towards Potsdam Hauptbahnhof. From there I went straight to Berlin Haupbahnhof or the central station. I was told by my German friend to visit the Berlin central station because of it’s incredible piece of design. Even I have heard about this station when I was in the UK. As soon as I arrived it wasn’t unnoticeable why this station is a gigantic piece of German precision engineering. It resembles the power of modern day’s German superiority in new technological era. Personally, I have never seen a train station which was four storey in size and so massive in scale. It was built in 2006 which is currently the biggest train station in Europe. It has 14 platforms in different level. The whole structure was built in glass and steel. When you enter the station you will notice trains are moving on top of your head or sometime from underneath of your feet. It was fun to stand beside the escalator and watch all of those trains, shops, restaurants and passenger. You can travel not only inside Berlin but also anywhere in Europe from here. Everyday nearly three hundred thousand people use this station.

I bought my ticket from the station to travel back to my friend’s place. Tomorrow I and my German friends are travelling to Greece together. So it was the end of my Berlin visit. It’s almost evening now and I am tired, hungry and sleepy so time to go back home, eat, lay back, relax and then sleep. Before going back finally little bit of conclusion about my Berlin visit. In the 20th century Germans have faced lots of brutality from internal and external forces. Two World War started from here. In the First World War from 1914 to 1918 the defeat of the Germans brought them only destruction, sufferings, fall of their economy consequently the poverty. They had to find someone to blame for all of those consequences and creepy Hitler found a way to blame the poor Jews against all of those decadents. Unfortunately, the rise of the Nazi started the Second World War from 1939 to 1945. This Second World War was more bloody and destructive than the First one. When Hitler was defeated on the 2nd September, 1945 the suffering of the German people didn’t end there. As a defeated nation they lost their social honour. The Russians, British, French and Americans all came to supress the Germans. But somehow Germans managed to survive all the oppressions. From 1945 to 1989 Germany was divided between West and East Germany. The Socialist Russians bulldozed their iron fist against the Eastern Germans. When the Russians left and whole Germany was united it was the end of all of those horrifying incidents. At the end somehow they managed to win the real economic war. In recent times Germany is the world leader in Europe. The automobile industry and the precision engineering are dominated by the Germans now. They teach us no matter how hard it is if you love your country, if you are determined to develop and if you are determined to bring back your social honour, you can always world hard and regain your reputation. The German citizens have learnt their lesson. Perhaps they are the only nations who knows it very well that war will give you back nothing but sufferings.

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