Second Biggest City in Germany: Hamburg Dockyard a Significant place for German American

By | October 20, 2017
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Second Biggest City in Germany – Berlin

Germany is one of the richest countries in the world. The quality of life in Germany at the highest level. The German automobile industry is one of the best in Europe and in the world. They are good at precision and sophisticated engineering. Because of their giant economic strength, German leaders rule the modern day’s European Union. The stereotype view of German people are they are hardworking, disciplined, punctual and arrogant. Even after losing two great wars, the rise of modern Germany is nothing but a marvel. Hamburg City is situated besides the Elba River. It is the 2nd biggest cities in Germany after Berlin. A thirteen foot wall was built along the Elba River in order to save the city from high tide. The dockyard of Hamburg was also heavily laid with bricks and stones as a protection against the storm and tsunami. Hamburg dockyard has historical significance towards the German-American immigrants. This is because from 1860 to 1930 million of German people migrated to the new world from here. Hamburg dockyard is also the second biggest seaport in Europe. During the Second World War the ships and submarines were built here. So for obvious reason Hamburg became a major target for the allies’ bombardment. The British and the Americans heavily bombed the city during year 1944 when the defeat of the German army in Europe was almost obvious. After the end of Second World War the German government took necessary steps to rebuild the industries in order to bring back the historic reputation. Among all the big industries most notably the head office of “Airbus” and “Unilever” are located in Hamburg.

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I flew to Germany from Hungarian capital city of Budapest. I am actually going back to Manchester. Before buying the air ticket from Budapest there was a transit flight via Hamburg. That time I decided if I take a long transit flight, I can make a short visit to the city. I have landed in Hamburg only for five hours so there is little time to discover the city. So rather than wasting any more minutes, I headed straight towards the city centre in a train. Like all the German cities, Hamburg was also neat and clean. The road traffic was organised and there was not even a single piece of garbage on the road. The roads are absolutely flat without any sort of damage or crack. The roads are built such a way so that they can even land aircraft if runways are destroyed by the enemies during the wartime. German knows how to build a modern city. Unlike England here nobody crosses the road until the pedestrian light is Green. Everybody follows the rules strictly and if somebody tries to break the rules they shows them an angry eye that you will feel embarrassed in front of the public. They are famous for following rules as they strongly without the proper rules and regulations a superior nation cannot be built. They also love their city because they have strong sense of patriotism. This sort of extreme German nationalism actually started two great wars from here. It was always easy to provoke a nation based on some extreme values. Germany wasn’t different from it.

After coming out from the train station I came towards a lake called Aussen Alster. It was calm peaceful area with green surrounding. There was a narrow walking road surrounding the lake. This lake was excavated in year 1625 for the purpose of entertainment. There was a restaurant and a dock for keeping private yacht. Some people were canoeing in the lake. Many small branches of canals were excavated to connect the lake to the sea. This is a common practice in most of the lakes in Europe. During the time of industrial revolution lots of canals were dig up to make branches of making water networks. In Netherlands I saw they even constructed water bridges to connect two rivers. This sort of marvellous project were carried out to make the river transportation smooth.

anyway after for a while it was time for me to go back to the airport. Though, I am flying back to Manchester now but after two weeks I am coming back the capital city of Germany, Berlin. Germany is one the most splendid countries where you can come back over and over again. So bye Germany for next two weeks.

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