A Sinking Tale of an Unfortunate European Ship

By | February 7, 2018
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Once an European ship was caught in a storm and unfortunately sank in middle of the Atlantic. Very few sailors eventually made to a life boat. Few days had passed and no chances of finding any land. Consequently without fresh drinking water and lack of food they struggled to survive. Soon their hunger turned into evil and the survivors started to kill the weakest persons on the boat to eat their flesh just to survive. Couple of sailors saved their lives this way. One day the boat found her way to a land and remaining survivors were arrested for the men slaughter case. The judge was in dilemma whether they should receive the capital punishment of death penalty for this sort of heinous crime or they should be released without any charges. Because the contradictory point was, they killed the weakest persons to support their very existence. Their flesh had saved the others. So is surviving in this sort of scenario will be counted as crime? Or any act of killing a human being is crime? Well, if you are guessing what happened with those sailors then the ending was pretty sad. All of those survivors were hanged to death for the crime of men slaughter. Maybe it was a very tough decision for the judge but in any kind of scenario, killing a person is counted as the most disgusting act of a human being. As it is said, those who had killed a human being, has killed the whole humanity. The act of religion or the question of survival may conflict but the judge had to justify the law by giving them the death sentence.

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