Strategic facts around Berlin Wall: A Border between Same Two Countries, Mauerpark

By | October 27, 2017
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Nearly 200 hundred people died for crossing the Berlin wall illegally. Only the West Germans could travel to East Berlin after the Berlin Wall was built. But they would have to apply for special permission at least nine weeks before from the Soviet authority. While travelling they could only use the designated roads and railways. Even they weren’t allowed to stop anywhere on the road for refuelling the car. In that case only certain fuel station had the authority to sell fuel for the West Germans. Therefore, Westerners only could refuel from the designated station. They could only carry a certain amount of money based on their travelling days. While returning to the West Berlin the travellers had to go through strict checkpoints on the Soviet sides. If anyone was caught conducting any sort of conspiracy or illegal activities while remaining inside East Berlin they would have to suffer the consequences.

The West Germans didn’t leave their friends, families and relatives on the East Berlin to suffer on Russian hands. Despites all of these obstacles they took courageous attempt to rescue. The West Germans invented surprising methods to smuggle people from East Berlin. A car was customized to make a small compartment which looked like an imposter car engine means which looked like an engine but actually inside it was kept hollow to squeeze passenger. The original engine was hidden at back of the car and the front engine was replaced by the fake engine. They could squeeze a person inside this tiny compartment and smuggle them into the West Berlin. The process wasn’t easy neither comfortable besides if the Russian would have found out they could even lose their life. Very few people were smuggled this way successfully only after few incidents the Russians found out and the whole rescue mission was dismissed. In another case, some of them filled a car with heavy concrete bricks and drove straight against the wall in an attempt to break. Some of them even dig tunnel underneath to bring back their friends and relatives. By all means for obvious reason they had to do carry on their attempt very carefully by not getting captured under the watchful eyes of the Soviet soldiers.

Mauerpark remains as a storyteller of those horrifying moments. Once the Berlin wall used to run through this park. There were so many houses along the park where the front door was in East Berlin at the back door at the west. At the beginning people East Germen used to enter through the front door and flee from the back door. Some houses didn’t have the back door but sometimes they had the back windows facing West Berlin. In those cases people used to jump through the window and run away to the West. There were some strategic funny moments where East Germans were trying to escape through the window and the Soviet soldiers have caught the escaper’s hand in order to stop him fleeing. When West Berliner spotted the scenario they came to help the poor person and grabbed his leg from the ground to drag him down. The soviets covered all of the doors and windows facing West Berlin with bricks. When the doors and windows were blocked the East Berliners entered those border houses and started digging underground tunnels. Soon the Soviets even discovered all of these attempts and they declared to destroy all the houses along the border. They sent notice to the house owners to immediately leave. Their sufferings had no bounds. The Soviet authority maintained log book to keep record of each house member in East Berlin. Moreover, the Russian soldiers used to raid the houses regularly whether any members of the house has escaped or not. They even declared if any of the house member goes missing the remaining family members would have been prosecuted.

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After the fall of the Soviet government on 9th November, 1989 the people of Berlin came with rods and shovel to break down the wall. Everywhere the people were dancing in happiness. Finally the iron fist has disappeared in one night which nobody even believe would happen oneday. I talked with a local German in Mauerpark while walking. He said if somebody overslept for two days and woke up on the 9th November and you start to tell him that the Berlin War is no more, then he would have never believed you. Today there is no physical obstacle in Berlin. The wall is a distant history but the memories are still fresh. The remaining walls were kept besides the park as a signature of the history.

Soviets never believed the right of the East German people. The Socialist government considered Germans as the second class citizen in their own country. This was because the Germans were a defeated nation in the Second World War. Moreover, many Russians regardless soldiers and civilians were killed by Nazis. So when the balls came in favour of Russians, they should no mercy against the Germans. They showed their absolute iron fist against the defeated nation. The honour of civilian Germans were denied. They had no social dignity. The pictures of the sufferings has been painted on the remaining houses along the Mauerpark. A bronze statue was mounted which shows a boy and a girl is hugging each other which resembles their final reunion after all of those sufferings. The hole along the no man’s land still remains and monuments have been made besides to share the histories. The foundation of those destroyed houses have been carefully preserved to tell the horrifying storied to the future generations. The border line between East and West Berlin still remains on the floor of Mauerpark. This border line was made in steel bar which runs along whole Berlin even today. If you travel to Mauerpark make sure you feel the sufferings of those people who lived those days. Your heart will melt when you will witness those pictures on the wall, paintings, destroyed houses, monuments and the remaining bricks and concretes.

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