The Historic City of Berlin: The Center Point of Two Major World Wars

By | October 23, 2017
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Berlin is the biggest city in Germany. 20th century’s Berlin was full of chaotic histories. The turbulent history of Germany and the city of Berlin was full of destruction. Two great wars started from this city. The period of First World War from 1914 to 1918 brought nothing but heinous defeat for Germany. The treaty of Versailles confined Germany and forced the nation to pay for the war reparation. The rise of the National Socialist Party or the NAZI brainwashed the obedient German nations and dragged them into another great war. This was known as the Second World War which started in 1939 and lasted long six years until 1945. During this time the allies dropped so much of bombs in Berlin that no single house in the city was undamaged. Even today unexploded bombs from Second World War is found in the city during the excavation work. After the defeat by the allies the historic honour of the German people diluted down to the sewerage. British, American and the Russian all came to share piece of the German land. During the war Russia captured the eastern side of the Germany whereas allies captured the west side. Berlin was captured by the Russians at the first place Geographically Berlin was at the east side of Germany. The allies later made an agreement with the Russians to take control of west side of Germany. This agreement later started the conflict of cold war as the western allies were the capitalism and the eastern was communist bloc. The Russian Soviets became paranoid that the west was conducting conspiracy against the USSR. The Soviet government built the Berlin wall surrounding East Berlin in 1961 to stop people physically leaving East Berlin. In 1989 the soviets crumbled which brought the Berlin wall into rubble. After happening so many of turbulences in the 20th century, Germany has again risen up from the ashes. The sign of destruction are absolutely absent in the German infrastructure. All the buildings, industries, churches and bridges have been rebuilt, repaired and returned to it’s previous historic form. During the Second World War many historic infrastructures got hit by the bombs and became nothing but pile of rubbles. The Germans are so much to be clever, smart and respect their proud heritage that they collected all of those rubble to rebuild those infrastructure later. They scanned the old picture of those buildings and used complicated computer programming to determine each pieces of bricks and stones in order to reassemble those pieces. Just like a massive jigsaw puzzle made out of brick, stones and concrete, they successfully reassembled the whole structure. Their hard work, perseverance and self-esteem have brought back the German pride in Europe again. I have never seen a nation who have gone through so much of pathetic situations but still risen up her head to the world.

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As planned I flew this morning from Manchester. I have a friend who is living in Berlin. He works in Deutschland Rolls-Royce. I met him when I was working for Rolls-Royce back in Southampton. I came to see him this time in Berlin. I planned to hire a car in order to drive in German Autobahn, before coming to Berlin. Note, German Autobahn is the only place in Europe where there is no speed limit to drive. I have been dreaming to drive in autobahn for a long time. In the UK, roads are heavily monitored. Speeding up in the motorway more than 70 mph is against the law. Whereas having no speed limit in Germany is like heaven for me. But my friend informed me to roam around the city hiring car will be waste of money because most of the historic place isn’t far from his house. On the other hand the public transportation system in Germany is one of the best. Google map is very efficient here. If you search for a direction of any place and choose the option of public transportation, the map shows all the alternatives very accurately. In one same ticket you can travel in metro, bus and tram. Moreover, all the public transportation follows time so strictly that you will feel “Time” was invented in Germany. No wonder why Einstein researched regarding “Time”. Even in the UK this is uncommon. Most of the time buses are late. This is common scenario. Whereas, in Germany the whole city is finely tuned with clock. It’s not surprising why Germany is one of the best nation in the world.

Unlike London, Paris or Geneva, Berlin is not so expensive city. This is really surprising because almost all the capital cities in Western Europe is very expensive to live. Another interesting fact is even though the quality of life in Berlin is at the highest level, living cost in Berlin is less in comparison. Perhaps most of the facilities are subsidised by the German government. Only the Germans know how to make impossible possible.

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