Wandering Around the City of Ljubljana. The Dragon will move his Leg if a Virgin crosses the Bridge

By | October 14, 2017
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I woke up early this morning. It’s 7:30 am now, most of the people are heading towards work. All I need now is a good breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. After getting fresh went to look for a restaurant. I remember there was a McDonald near to the station. Because I wasn’t far from there therefore won’t be a bad idea to have my breakfast first, boost myself with a delicious cup of coffee and then start the mission of discovering Ljubljana. Consequently, I took a proper breakfast which gave me the right energy needed. Before coming here I did my research of places to look around. Attractive places are Ljubljana castle on top of the mountain, Central market, Dragon, Triple and Butcher Bridge. Hence, I didn’t waste time and went straight towards the dragon bridge.

Ljubjanica River flows underneath the Dragon Bridge. There are four pillars on this bridge. Each dragon are situated on top of each pillar. The dragon bridge was constructed during 1901 by the German ruler Franz Joseph. At that time Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The main engineering work was conducted by the Austrian and all the dragons made out of copper were manufactured in the industry of Vienna. Later the dragons were brought and placed here. In the Austro-Hungarian the bridge was named as “Jubilee Bridge”. Later after the end of first word war in 1919 the bridge was named as “Dragon Bridge”. The story behind these dragon is astonishing. According to the Greek mythology, the Greek god Jason came to conquer Ljubljana. The town was full of dragon so Jason and his Argonauts followers had to fight against those creatures in order to save the town from fire blazing. Another local believe is the tail of the dragon will move if a virgin girl crosses the bridge. Though until now the dragon never moved it’s tail so I don’t even want to know what is wrong here. Lol.

Ljubljana University were behind the dragon bridge. Following the bridge there were quite a few nice restaurants along the river. After crossing the road I came towards Butcher Bridge. Another name of this bridge is “Love Bridge”. This sort of Love Bridge exist in many parts of the world where lovers knot a lock and throw the keys in the river water to last their bond forever. First time I saw this sort of Love Bridge in Paris. The amount of lock was so much on the bridge that once one railing even fell down the river. There were many horrible looking status on the butcher bridge. Famous Slovenian sculptors Jacob Broader sculpted some pieces of monument on this bridge. Among all the statue of Adam and Eve were one of the remarkable ones.

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Butcher Bridge follows the pathway towards Pogakar square where the local vegetable market is formed. Most of the local villagers, farmers and small businessman come to sell their goods here. Similar to ours village fair there were many authentic products which were eye catching. Some were selling fresh fruits and vegetables, some were selling fish, cheese, candles, basket or some were selling herbals products, sweet chocolate and paintings. Most of the people produces these sort of stuff in their home. Later they come to sell their surplus products in this market. This village market is an intriguing part of local economy. Because of it’s importance Slovenian government included this market part of the cultural administration. In 2008 it was also declared as part of the national cultural heritage. It’s nearly 9 am now so the market is not full of customers yet. But the place will be full of people soon. Most of the local people seemed very friendly in manner. I couldn’t noticed any form of arrogance in their eyes which sometimes quite evitable in other European nations.
Moving away from the Pogakar Square brings me into the town centre where the triple bridge is. It was a marvelous looking bridge with a true authentic look. Naturally it came to my why there were three similar looking stone bridge instead of one big one. The real reason was in 1842 the main central bridge was constructed at first. Consequently with the growing number of traffic forced the authority to build two more bridges both sides. Finally, in 2007 the bridge was closed for the automobiles and left open only for the pedestrian. Besides triple bridge there is Priseren square. Priseren was the famous Slovenian poet from the 18th century. The giant bronze made statue of Priseren dominates the sector of this square. After Priseren square it’s time for me to go towards Ljubljana castle. The castle was on top of the mountain. But now I was in doubt whether I would be able to climb the mountain or not. Because at this point suddenly I realised my noses are becoming itchy and water dripping. Nice, I am getting hayfever. In the UK I get hayfever every summer. It gets worse in my case every year. Normally it happens from the dust and pollen. Unfortunately, I am not carrying any hayfever medicine with me. So now instead of climbing the mountain I need the medication as soon as possible. It get so worse in my case that if don’t take the medication immediately I will sneeze so much that I will get headache, muscle pain at finally nose bleeding. I left the Pogakar square immediately and walked towards the main train station to look for a pharmacy. Luckily after walking for a while found the pharmacy and bought the medication. Instead waiting for anything else I took the medicine and started towards the McDonald to sit down and wait for the medicine to take effect. When I reached to the restaurants I order a heavy meal for the purpose of having a lunch. I was feeling to go back to the hotel and take rest but after taking the lunch I started to feel better. Instead of going back I thought to continue my journey to Lake Bled for which I had to take a bus from the station. Finally, I decided not to waste anymore of my time but to go to Lake Bled. I always wanted to go to Lake Bled. Slovenia is famous for having Lake Bled as it is one of the main tourist spot. So coming all the way to Slovenia, and not going to Bled will be a big mistake. So, let’s go to Lake Bled.

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